Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stand Up For Healthcare!!


Dear Valjeanne,

Death panels? Socialized medicine? What won't they say to stop reform?

Our opponents are stopping at nothing to block health insurance reform, even if it means shouting outright lies in the media and in their communities. We need your help to take back the conversation and put an end to their disgraceful tactics.

This August, Senators and Representatives have left Washington and are on their home turf. As you may have noticed, they're visiting local communities and holding town halls about health care reform.

Attend a town hall near you and represent the truth. Find an event by clicking the link below:


The truth is that the majority of Americans recognize the urgent need for reform and support it. Don’t let shouting from angry mobs change their minds.

We will arm you with some helpful tips on countering the false rhetoric, but we know the best reasons for health insurance reform are your own personal stories.

With your help, we can fight back with the truth. Tell your neighbors and friends what the real facts are about health care reform.

Find an event and help spread the truth in your community:


Thank you for your support.


Jeff Gordon
Field Director

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