Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Economic Recovery

aljeanne --

Today, I signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act into law.

This is a historic step -- the first of many as we work together to climb out of this crisis -- and I want to thank you for your resolve and your support.

You organized thousands of house meetings. You shared your ideas and personal stories. And you informed your friends and neighbors about the need for immediate action. You continue to be a powerful voice for change throughout the country.

The recovery plan will create or save 3.5 million jobs, provide tax cuts for working and middle-class families, and invest in health care and clean energy.

It's a bold plan to address a huge problem, and it will require my vigilance and yours to make sure it's done right.

I've assigned a team of managers to oversee the implementation of the recovery act. We are committed to making sure no dollar is wasted. But accountability begins with you.

That's why my administration has created Recovery.gov, a new website where citizens can track every dollar spent and every job created. We'll invite you and your neighbors to weigh in with comments and questions.

Our progress will also be measured by the tens of thousands of personal stories submitted by people who are struggling to make ends meet. If you haven't already, you can read stories from families all across the country:


Your stories are the heart of this recovery plan, and that's what I'll focus on every day as President.

With your continued support, we'll emerge a stronger and more prosperous nation.

Thank you,

President Barack Obama

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stop the rape and genital mutilation of women and girls in the Congo

The Panzi Hospital is located in Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a shelter for women and children who are victims of rape and sexual abuse at the hands of many different groups of militia.

In the Congo, rape is used as a weapon. It destroys families and communities. These women are often disowned by their husbands and families. They have been subjected to countless horrors and inconceivable violence.

My attention was drawn to this problem and to the Panzi Hospital by an article in the September 2007 issue of Glamour magazine. I cried when I read the article and when I pursued further reading and information online. I decided that I wanted others to know. This cause needs to be addressed and Facebook is a quick and simple way to spread the news.

Please invite anyone to this group that you think cares and would like to help. My goal is to inspire others to donate to the hospital or write to the appropriate authorities. I welcome any suggestions as I am relatively new to this.

To write to the President of the DRC
- His Excellency, the President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Joseph Kabila Kabange
U.N. Action Against Sexual Violence in Conflict
P.O. Box 3862
New York, NY

To urge more funding for the U.N. mission
- U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
United Nations
First Ave at 46th Street
New York, NY
Contact Info

Monday, February 9, 2009

Black Panther & Storm

A fabulous pic added by Brother Sundjata Abubakari of www.blacksciencefictionsociety.com. I just had to share it :)!

Friday, February 6, 2009

President Obama's Stimulus Plan

Support President Obama’s Stimulus Plan

Posted in Change, Obama, Obama Stimulus Bill, Renewal, change effects all races, change effects us all with tags , , , on February 6, 2009 by valjeanne Call or fax your Congressman and let him know that you support President’s Obama’s stimulus plan! And to the Republicans: Stop speaking for us. Stop acting as though you’re acting on our behalf by holding up progress. We didn’t vote for you.

WILLIAMSBURG, Virginia (CNN) — President Barack Obama said Thursday that “the scale and the scope” of his economic plan is right, turning up the heat on critics he said were hawking “phony arguments” and “false theories of the past” to chip away at the bill’s programs.
President Obama said if a stimulus bill isn’t passed the economy will continue to get worse.

“Don’t come to the table with the same tired arguments and worn ideas that helped to create this crisis,” the president said at the House Democrats’ annual retreat in Williamsburg.

“We’re not going to get relief by turning back to the very same policies that, for the last eight years, doubled the national debt and threw our economy into a tailspin,” he said. “We can’t embrace the losing formula that says only tax cuts will work for every problem we face, that ignores critical challenges like our addiction to foreign oil, or the soaring cost of health care, or failing schools and crumbling bridges and roads and levees.

“I don’t care whether you’re driving a hybrid or an SUV — if you’re headed for a cliff, you’ve got to change direction.”

The Democrats welcomed the president with frequent interruptions for applause as he took on criticisms of the bill.

Obama said he valued “the constructive criticism and healthy debate that’s taking place around this package,” but added that speedy passage of the bill was essential.

“We’re not moving quickly because we’re trying to jam something down people’s throats,” he said. “We’re moving quickly because if we don’t, the economy’s going to keep getting worse.”

Obama rejected calls for more tax cuts and significant slashing of the bill’s more than $800 billion price tag, and said complaints the package was a spending bill rather than a stimulus bill were off base.

“What do you think a stimulus bill is?” he said. “That’s the point.”

To critics who argue that the government shouldn’t be spending billions with a large and growing deficit, Obama said, “I found this national debt doubled, wrapped in a big bow waiting for me as I stepped into the Oval Office.”

The American people called for change in November, he said, “and that’s what we’re going to deliver.”

“They did not send us here to get bogged down with the same old delay, the same old distractions, the same talking points, the same cable chatter,” he said. “They did not vote for the false theories of the past, and they didn’t vote for phony arguments and petty politics, and they did not vote for the status quo.”

Obama told his fellow Democrats that they have “the capacity to do great things” on behalf of the American people, “but we are going to have to do it by not thinking about ourselves.”

“It starts with this economic recovery plan,” he said. “And soon, we will take on big issues like addressing the foreclosure problem, passing a budget, tackling our fiscal problems, fixing our financial regulation and securing our country.”

But, he stressed, the battle over the stimulus bill is not “an abstract debate.”

“If we do not move swiftly to sign [the act] into law, an economy that is already in crisis will be faced with catastrophe,” he said. “This is not my assessment. This is not Nancy Pelosi’s assessment. This is the assessment of the best economists in the country. This is the assessment of some of the former advisers of some of the same folks who are making these criticisms right now.”

“This is not a game,” he said. “This is not a contest for who’s in power and who’s up and who’s down.”

It’s time, he said, to “set aside the gamesmanship in this town and get something done.”
Source: CNN | Added February 5, 2


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Justice for Jason

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