Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Immortal... read the book that started it all!

Her dreams are terrifying...In the year of our One 3075 Tundra has been at peace for 400 years. There is no racism, poverty or war. Karla is a young Indigo woman working as a successful healer.
Yet she is tormented by lucid and erotic dreams. Dreams in which she is: Immortal... Two men emerge from these phantasms: the first a Copper shape shifter and the other a demon more dead than alive.
But when this creature appears in her apartment Karla realizes that they share a lust that may one day consume her.
His dreams will unlock a mystery. Joseph has always dreamt of becoming an artist, a warrior...and a shape shifter.
Now he's dreaming of a sorceress who commands that he leave his homeland. Together they will journey to the end of time. To a nightmarish world of revolution and magic. But will they save Tundra or perish in it's destruction? Contact Valjeanne Jeffers at VJeffersandQveal for purchase. Also available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.