Sunday, April 26, 2009

An impromptu review of PurpleZoe's glorious Mag

After savoring the latest issue of PurpleMag, #7, I decided to examine the feelings that crept over me while reading. Was it elation that I, Valjeanne Jeffers, was featured in a magazine I so thoroughly admire? Oh, most definitely.
As I read the interview with science fiction author Cailloux Williams, the poetry of Min, an article exposing forced human drug trials, a review of Zuda’s acclaimed comic Bayou , not to mention the writings of Queen Zoe herself… I couldn’t help but think: “Here are my offerings, nestled alongside them!”
But there’s more to it that that. I’d sat down angry over the awful haircut my last barber gave me (not my regular guy) worried about traffic tickets, and wondering how best to sever ties with an obnoxious boss.
Then I started to read and a calm stole over me. I paid special attention to the directions for weeding psyche baggage; mentally book-marked a regime for organic dental cleansing. And I found myself imagining just how delicious a recipe for “green ice cream” would taste. All this and more is depicted against an amazing backdrop of sketches, paintings and photography.
So I decided to write an impromptu review. And, tweaking a remedy from Sister's Zoe’s pages, list the purple adjectives that always describe her Mag: delectable, lush, informative, sexy, outrageous, magical, nonconformist, indie. Enjoy!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Eye on Palin

With your help, we can expose Alaska's brutal aerial wolf hunts and promote sound wildlife management of wolves and other wildlife in Alaska. To learn more about Governor Sarah Palin's awful record on conservation issues, please visit our website: http://www.eyeonpalin.org/learn_more/index.php.

Please take the next step -- tell others about Governor Palin's cruel and needless aerial wolf-killing program. The fight to stop Alaska's brutal aerial gunning campaign is stretching our resources to the limit, and we need all the help we can get. Forward the message that follows to friends, family and others that care about wildlife.


Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund

Tell Governor Palin to End the Aerial Slaughter...Take Action />>

Help us reach 100,000 messages by February 28th. Please forward this message on!

Aerial wolf killing is a brutal practice..."I am outraged by Sarah Palin's promotion of this cruel, unscientific and senseless practice which has no place in modern America,"

-- Ashley Judd, activist and Broadway, Hollywood and indie film star
Dear Friend,

Did you see it? Our new video featuring actress and activist Ashley Judd was featured on The Today Show and The View.

Since its launch earlier this week, Eye on Palin -- our new campaign made possible by caring supporters like you -- has also been featured on hundreds of blogs, covered by MSNBC, CNN, Reuters and other news outlets.

The nation is talking about Sarah Palin's terrible wolf-killing program -- and now Sarah Palin needs to hear from you.

Please watch our new video featuring Ashley Judd, and then email Governor Palin and urge her to stop her unnecessary, unscientific aerial wolf killing program.

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund's Eye on Palin campaign exposes Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s anti-conservation agenda as she seeks the national stage.

Our new website, eyeonpalin.org, features Ashley Judd's powerful video on Governor Palin’s cruel aerial wolf killing program that has already been viewed more than 180,000 times on YouTube.

Last fall, Ms. Judd helped us expose Governor Palin’s efforts to eliminate vital federal protections for America’s struggling polar bears. Now, as Governor Palin expands the barbaric aerial slaughter of wolves, Ms. Judd is speaking out once again.

"I am outraged by Sarah Palin's promotion of this cruel, unscientific and senseless practice which has no place in modern America," she said to me. “I am proud to be a part of Defenders Action Fund’s efforts to stop it.”

Watch Ashley Judd’s new video and please take action today. Governor Palin needs to know that caring people like you from across the nation find her cruel aerial wolf slaughter appalling.

Governor Palin is doing all she can to grab the national stage. With your help, we can put the national spotlight on her senseless killing of animals and educate more Americans about the real Sarah Palin

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Author Valjeanne Jeffers

I’m an African American woman, writer, poet and artist committed to loving my children and other folks just as much as they’ll let me. I embrace my wolf spirit and muse Sister Moon, and I’m going to improve my little corner of the world as much as can as many times as I’m here–and have fun while I’m at it. I’m a Spelman College graduate and I've been published in Liberated Muse Vol I: How I Freed My Soul the featured anthology for Capital City Hip Hop Soul Fest 2009, The Ringing Ear: Black Poets Lean South 2007; Pembroke Magazine 2007 and I was chosen as semifinalist for the Rita Dove poetry award 2007. My poems will also appear in Little Black Book: Bedtime Stories for Lovers Vol 2 and Making Sense of the Madness. And my fiction will be featured in the www.blackscienceficionsociety.com anthology: Future Passage.
I'm currently writing the 3rd novel of the IMMORTAL Trilogy: Stealer of Souls.
Purchase my novels at: www.amazon.com,
Free download at: www.blackscififantasy24.ning.com

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Defenders of Wildlife

These adorable wolf pups will be featured on our next calendar and seen in more than 1 million homes, offices, classrooms, break rooms and other public areas. The calendar will serve as a powerful reminder to people all across America of the importance of protecting wolves and other amazing animals. Thank you!

Make sure you get your Defenders of Wildlife calendar. Join Defenders of Wildlife today!

In the last three weeks alone, donations from caring people like you have enabled Defenders of Wildlife to…

*Launch emergency legal efforts in state court to stop Governor Sarah Palin’s helicopter assault on wolves near the Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve, near the area made famous by the 1890s Alaska Gold Rush. In just five days her hired gunmen killed 84 wolves. Ironically, the state ended its helicopter attacks just one day after we went to court.

*Mobilize wildlife supporters to stop a senseless slaughter of Yellowstone’s famous wild bison. Defenders activists in Montana helped stop a bill in the state legislature that would have consigned more than 100 wild bison to their deaths.

*Fight reckless fishing practices that kill threatened and endangered sea turtles. Contributions from concerned people like you helped us generate almost 50,000 comments to the National Marine Fisheries Service against deadly bottom longline fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.

… And that’s just a few of the efforts made possible by caring people like you. Please join Defenders of Wildlife today and help us make a difference for wolves and other wildlife.