Sunday, February 27, 2011

Self-Published Authors Marketplace and the New Site for Breakthrough Bookstore is Launching Tuesday, March 1, 2011!

One thing you probably know about me is that I am a self-published author. I recently listed my book with a great new venue for self-published authors. It is called the Self-Published Authors Marketplace, and it is part of Breakthrough Bookstore. They are dedicated to opening doors for people like me.

I am asking friends and contacts like you to help us make this a success by taking the time to visit this store after it launches on Tuesday, March 1, and check out the many quality books you'll find—both fiction and nonfiction. Of course, I hope you'll be sure to purchase my book if you haven't already, and one of the others as well. If you have any trouble finding my book, let me know, and I'll direct you to it. Be sure to tell your friends!

The Web address will be http://www.BreakthroughBookstore.com. Then click on Self-Published Authors on the navigation bar.

Thanks for helping me and other self-published authors to succeed!