Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Story of Eve/The Eve Sydrome

Here we are in ancient Western Civilization. It is here, in the early church that the mythology of our church began: imagery that became fantasy in TV, films and music. It is here that the myth of woman as doppelganger began: the janus-headed bitch goddess of modern media.
The myth of woman as bitch-goddess or as virgin-whore is both sexist and racist. Thus is distorts the image of God so that He is perceived as racist and sexist. At this mythology's core is the oppression of all. And according to it, if a woman is a virgin, she is the chattel of man an she nurtures him. She has no sexual desires, or if she does, man controls them. She is passive and poses no threat to him. She and only she, mythic goddess, is worthy of becoming wife and mother. (This is part of the reasoning behind the anti-abortion movement. In the minds of conservatives women's bodies belong to men. So if a woman becomes pregnant, she has to give birth whether she wants to or not.

To be continued...

The Story of Eve. Copyright Valjeanne Jeffers-Thompson 1997, 2009 all rights reserved

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